Protect yourself – Knowledge is your shield


We just inform you that it is mandatory, 48 hours before your arrival, for the entry in our country to have completed the following link and to show at your entry the QR code that will be requested.

This is valid from 01/07/2020.


Regarding land arrivals, from June 15 to 30, the borders from Turkey, Albania, North Macedonia and countries outside the Schengen agreement will remain closed, except for the absolutely necessary business trips.

Borders from Bulgaria will be opened.

For international flights at Thessaloniki Airport, all flights are allowed but the ban is maintained by the following countries: Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Turkey, Albania and Northern Macedonia.


Dear Guests,

we are ready to welcome you complying the necessary prescriptions and safety regulations following all the guidelines according to WHO and relevant institutions. We make every effort to provide you with the most comfortable and safe holidays.

Health & safety measures

  • Adoption of prevention and protection directives (based on the World Health Organization and the Greek Ministry of Health).
  • Provision of consumables (antibacterial hand sanitizers, masks, disposable gloves, etc.).
  • Disinfection of rooms and common areas.
  • Frequent cleaning of communal areas.
  • Room cleaning, linen and towel change, done by request only.
  • It is forbidden for non-residents to enter the rooms.

Check in & Check out

The check in can be done remotely!!
We will send you a link on your mobile phone or on your email that redirects you to a form to fill in all your personal informations which are necessary for check in.

The check out will take place at 11 a.m. while check in is at 15.00 p.m.

This change in the time interval between each check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Change of the cancellation policy 

We adjust the cancellation policy to offer more flexible options to your booking.

Reservations with Standard rate can be canceled 14 days before arrival.

Accommodation file and event book-COVID-19

For the purposes of public health protection measures, management of facility must keep a record of staff members and all persons staying at the hotel — name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address,
phone, e-mail) — to make it possible to communicate with any close contacts case of COVID-19, which may be identified afterwards.

We look forward to welcoming you to our rooms!